USC Contextual and Third Generation Therapies
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Promerits, a leading company in Online Higher Education, offers among its teachings in the field of Psychology, the “University Specialization Course in CONTEXTUAL AND THIRD GENERATION THERAPIES“, which addresses the key and basic aspects of Psychotherapy.

It contains a teaching load of 8 ECTS (University Credits) that represent 200 hours of training.

This University Course is accredited by the European University Miguel de Cervantes (UEMC) together with PROMERITS and the Spanish Association for the Promotion and Development of Psychotherapy (AEFDP).

In recent years, we have witnessed the birth of a new movement linked to the Science of Human Behavior: Contextual Psychology. A Contextual Behavioral Science (CBS) conceived as a large tree (Luciano 2016) whose roots are its philosophy, Functional Contextualism; the trunk, the knowledge derived from laboratory research, and the branches, its applications in different areas of people’s lives (clinical, business, education, etc.). From this scenario, conceived as an extension of the experimental analysis of complex behaviors, Third Generation Therapies, also known as Contextual Therapies, emerge.

Following a scientific, updated and professional training path, the aim is to provide students with the theoretical and practical bases for a correct application of interventions in psychological problems. All this using contextual therapies such as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Functional Analytical Psychotherapy (FAP), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Behavioral Activation Therapy (BAT) or Brief Strategic Therapy, among others.

At the end of the course, you will be able to apply for three Certificates/Diplomas, accredited by the European University Miguel de Cervantes (UEMC), Promerits and the Spanish Association for the Promotion and Development of Psychotherapy (AEFDP).

Se trata de una Formación 100% Online. El alumnado tendrá a su disposición el campus virtual de la UEMC (Universidad Europea Miguel de Cervantes), donde encontrarás todo el material de estudio necesario para superar el curso.

Se emitirán un total de 12 clases y talleres adicionales en directo a través de videoconferencia, cuya grabación estará disponible para visualizarlas en el momento elegido por el alumno/a.

  • Introduction to Contextual Therapies
    Role questioning through motivational interviewing and its evolution.
    ACT – Acceptance and Commitment Therapy: General introduction. Acceptance. Experiential Avoidance Disorder (EAD).
    Commitment and action. Values work.
    FAP – Functional Analytic Psychotherapy.
    Mindfulness and some of the psychotherapeutic interventions applied.
    DBT – Dialectical Behavioral Therapy and borderline personality disorder.
    IPT – Integrative Couple Therapy and other proposals from contextual therapies in couple therapy.
    FACT – (Focused ACT)
    Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Focused on counselling and crisis intervention
    Post-rationalist vision in therapy: narrative techniques and fusion with ACT and cognitive approach.
    Behavioral hypnosis
    Social vulnerability/trauma
    AC – Behavioral Activation Therapy for depression


For the evaluation in the online modality, the student will have to visualize the classes previously recorded in our virtual platform and complete in each module a questionnaire with development and test type questions, which will be supervised by the assigned tutor.

Undergraduates, graduates in Psychology and/or Medicine, students in their last years of Psychology degree.

  • Understand and analyze the epistemological basis and origin of contextual therapies.
    Design intervention plans, selecting the most appropriate contextual therapies for each patient.
    Apply the different therapeutic processes of contextual therapies in the professional performance of clinical psychology.

At PROMERITS, we have an excellent teaching staff. All of them are professors, PhDs and/or senior managers in some of the main Spanish and multinational companies in the sector, with extensive professional and teaching experience.

The following are the professors of this University Course:

Ms. Raquel López Rodríguez
General Health Psychologist, member M-30833. Specialized in Contextual Therapies by MICPSY (Institute of Contextual Psychology Madrid) and MBSR by the U.C.M. Training in Integrative Hypnosis with Edward Jorré. With more than five years of experience in psychological intervention and creator of the program “A leap of confidence” aimed at women with insecurities and fears.

Francisco Gázquez
Registered Psychologist (B-01809). European Expert in Psychotherapy. He combines his activity as a psychologist offering face-to-face and online consultation services with his facet as a writer, giving training and doing research work. Accredited mindfulness instructor and trainer (MBSR and MBCT) with extensive experience training groups and professionals.

Mrs. Leticia Gorospe Amo
General Health Psychologist, Social Educator and Mediator with 17 years of experience in the social field (M-25917). Specialized in psychosocial assessment and care (individual, family and couple) to people in difficulty or social exclusion. Technical director of Revista de Mediación and member of the Instituto Motivacional Estratégico (IMOTIVA). Expert in children in difficulty and social conflict, in third generation therapies and in Clinical and Trauma Intervention with EMDR.

José Antonio Molina del Peral
Doctor in Psychology by the UCM. Psychologist with health habilitation M-13064. Associate Professor at the U.C.M. and Cardenal Cisneros. Master in addictive behaviors. Expert in Clinical Hypnosis. Clinical experience in Addictions. Speaker in courses and conferences in Professional Colleges, Universities, Congresses, Companies, etc. “Psychologist Disseminator” by the COP Madrid. Publications in various research journals (Adicciones, Revista Española de Drogodependencias, Clínica y Salud, etc.). Writer.

Enrique Parada Torres
Psychologist with health habilitation M-11358. Associate Professor of the Faculty of Psychology of the U.A.M. and teacher in several Masters and Postgraduate courses in Clinical Psychology and Psychology of Emergencies, Emergencies and Catastrophes. Master in Contextual Therapies. Master in Coaching and Strategic Problem Solving. Master in Clinical Psychology and Cognitive-Behavioral Intervention. Expert in Coaching. Expert in Trauma Intervention with EMDR.

Mrs. Ana Isabel Saz Marín
Psychologist with health qualification M-14471. Expert in Intervention with adults and Family, intervention in anxiety, affectivity, mistreatment, violence and sexual abuse, coordination and management of individualized and group support programs for families and children, family and couple mediation, and training of professionals. Teacher at ISEP (Instituto Superior de Estudios Psicológicos), teaching classes in various training Masters, Master in Clinical and Health Psychology, in Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology, in Clinical Sexology and Couples Therapy, in Third Generation Therapies and application of New Technologies, in Early Attention and Learning Difficulties.

Methodology applied to this University Specialization Course

Online Multi-device
Videoconference Classes
Evaluation and Follow-up through Videoconferencing