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Employment Opportunities in process

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Promerits, a leading company in ONLINE Higher Education, in its eagerness to continue developing new projects aimed at its students for their personal and professional growth, has created the new Employment and Professional Development Unit, having managed to sign more than 2,000 Internship Agreements, between direct and indirect, so that all those students who have enrolled from October 2020, will have access to the Promerits Employment Exchange.

We want to leave a positive impact on society, and we know that there is no economic progress if we do not take care of our students on their way to Professionalization, Merit and Status (Promerits). We do our bit to make the world a better place and we want our students to be part of it, by investing their future studying Masters, Degrees and University Courses with Promerits.

For our students, for their quick labor insertion… This Job Bank is for you!

Who will have access to the Job Bank?

Promerits graduates (from among those enrolled in University Degrees as of October 2020) will have access to the different offers available and, according to their profile, the needs of the company and the offers available in the Employment Exchange at any given time, they may have access to Internships, Paid Internships and even some Job Offers.

Access to the Employment Exchange will be available during the first year from the date of completion of each student’s studies. Students who, on the other hand, would like to access the labor market more than 1 year after their graduation, will have to take a University Course of Promerits (of the permanent training) to have access to the Employment Exchange, again.