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Official Master's Degrees

Official University Master's Degree in Gerontology and Care to Dependency

Official University Master's Degree in
Gerontology and Care to Depedency

The “Official University Master’s Degree in Gerontology and Care for Dependency” offers a quality, comprehensive syllabus with a broad Practical Application, adapted to the context of Care Ethics encompassed in Dignified Care for the Elderly, covering the field of Gerontology together with those related contexts that may require specific training for today’s Professionals. The incorporation of Values in the Care of our Elderly will be an aspect of added value so that our Elderly are cared for with the Professional Ethics and Dignity that they deserve.

At UEMC-PROMERITS we have Professional Internships in all types of Institutions. Likewise, our students will be able to validate their internships if they are working in the sector.

Official Master's Degree in
Prevention of Occupational Risks

The objective of the Official Master’s in Occupational Risk Prevention is to train professionals specialized in the field of Prevention, capable of facing the challenges posed by a multidisciplinary and currently prioritized sector, with the aim of reducing workplace accidents. This Official Master’s is aimed at University Graduates who wish to become Senior Technicians in Occupational Risk Prevention. It is based on Quality ONLINE Training from UEMC-PROMERITS, which prepares the professional in the three Specialties in the field of prevention during the second semester: Workplace Safety, Industrial Hygiene, Ergonomics, and Applied Psychosociology.

Official University Master's Degree in Prevention Of Occupational Risks

Master's Degree in
General Health Psychology

The Official Master’s Degree in General Health Psychology aims to train future health psychologists in the assessment, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of emotional and behavioural problems.

It is the only Official Master’s Degree that QUALIFIES students to practise the profession of General Health Psychologist.

The Master’s Degree in General Health Psychology has the best professionals and specialists in General Health Psychology, all of them with extensive experience in the practice of Clinical and Health Psychology, both in research and in professional practice.