Characteristics of the University Course in Private Detective
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This University Degree approved by the Ministry of Interior, taught and accredited by the UNIVERSIDAD EUROPEA MIGUEL DE CERVANTES, allows you to apply for the Private Detective Professional Qualification (TIP), issued by the Central Unit of Private Security of the National Police, to perform the work of Private Detective.

The Higher University Degree of Private Detective is aimed at all those who want to train as private investigators and who have any of the following access qualifications: Bachelor’s Degree, Higher Technician, Technician in the professions to be determined, or other equivalent for professional purposes, or higher.

Objectives of this University Qualification


To provide the student with the ability to solve problems and complex cases related to private investigation.

Security Management

Be able to apply this knowledge in professional practice and possess the skills to develop and manage the safety disciplines of the course.


To provide the student with legal authorization, as well as the necessary competences, knowledge and skills to enable him/her to perform professionally as a Private Detective.

Learning Skills

To offer the student the learning skills that will allow him/her to continue studying in the field of Security, following our 100% online methodology and adjusted to the student’s needs.

Knowledge Integration

That the student is able to integrate knowledge and face the complex task of making judgments based on incomplete or limited information, including reflections and the establishment of hypotheses and probabilities.

Research and Analysis

To train students to investigate and analyze complex cases and issues related to private investigation.

Methodology applied to this Title

Online Multi-device and flexibility
Videoconference Classes
Library and Documentation
Evaluation and follow-up by videoconferencing

Modules and qualification

The syllabus contains an exhaustive development of the subjects set out in the Order of the Ministry of the Interior dated 07-07-95, modified by Order INT/318/2011, dated February 1, on private security personnel and the Resolution of November 12, 2012, of the Secretary of State for Security, which determines the training programs for private security personnel.

According to the provisions of Order INT/318/2011, of February 1, on private security personnel, the studies for obtaining the diploma of Private Detective will be developed during three academic years.

Module 1
Constitutional Law.

Module 2
Criminal Law.

Module 3
Criminal Procedural Law.

Module 4
Civil Procedural Law.

Module 5
Labor Law.

Module 6
Commercial Law.

Module 7 General Administrative Law.
General Administrative Law.

Module 8
Patrimonial Security.

Module 9
Fire Safety.

Module 10
Investigation techniques.

Module 11

Module 12
Private Investigation Practice.

Module 13
Professional Insertion and administration and management of Private Detective offices.

In order to obtain the qualification as a Private Detective, the following documentation must be provided:

  • Request of the interested party.
  • Two passport-size photographs.
  • Medical certificate of physical fitness and mental capacity required to provide Private Security services, except for active personnel performing public or private security functions.
  • Certificate of criminal record, issued by the Central Registry of Convicted Persons for Spanish and foreigners residing in Spain, and original and equivalent document with the same effect for non-resident foreign applicants.
  • Spanish nationals and foreigners residing in Spain who have expressly authorized the Training and Development Division of the Directorate General of the Police to request this certificate from the Central Register of Convicted Persons will be exempt from presenting it.
  • Declaration of incompatibilities.
  • Certified photocopy of the private detective diploma, recognized for this purpose in the manner to be determined by Order of the Ministry of the Interior.
  • Proof of being registered in the Census Declaration, for detectives with an open office (office owners), or, if applicable, registration in the Social Security for dependent detectives.
  • Registration in the Companies Registry.
  • Simple copy of the articles of incorporation.
  • Informative simple note with inscription in the Mercantile Registry.
  • Definitive tax identification number.
  • Proof of having paid the fee for the Private Detective qualification, for opening an office and for registration of companies, in accordance with form 790, in favor of the Public Treasury, in the collaborating Banks or Savings Banks (restricted account of the State Agency of Tax Administration). The aforementioned form 790 will be provided at the Police Stations and must be completed with the corresponding data, indicating the eighth rate as the applicable rate.


Formación imprescindible y necesaria para cualquier  profesional.