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Start your path in the field of Psychology with the University Specialization Course in Personality Psychology and Individual Differences. A complete program of 6 ECTS (University Credits) that allows you to obtain an integrative vision of the Psychology of Personality and Individual Differences.

Promerits, a leading company in Online Higher Education, offers among its teachings in the field of Psychology, the University Specialization Course in Personality Psychology and Individual Differences, addressing the key aspects of human behavior.

It contains a course load of 6 ECTS (University Credits), which represents 150 hours of training. A 100% online training program taught by professors with extensive experience in the sector.

This degree is accredited by the Universidad Europea Miguel de Cervantes together with PROMERITS.

General Information

The University Specialization Course in Personality Psychology and Individual Differences examines the global and updated vision of the historical-conceptual development of the main Personality Theories.

This allows students to approach the explanation of individual behavior, in addition to analyzing the fundamentals and principles of Personality Psychology.

Specialized training, provided by professionals of recognized prestige in the field of psychology and with extensive experience in online and offline training.

This degree is intended for all those people with minimal knowledge of humanbbehavior, motivated toknow in depth the psychological differences and similarities between individuals.

By taking this University Specialization Course you will obtain:

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The Training Program of the University Specialization Course in Psychology of Personality and Individual Differences includes an exhaustive development of the following topics:

  • Historical background, concept and perspectives on personality.
  • Genetics, evolution, culture and personality.
  • Motivational andtrait perspective.
  • Psychoanalytic and psychosocial perspectives.
  • Cognitive and learning perspective. 
  • Methods and strategies of personality analysis.
  • Personality disorders.

Objectives of this University Course

This University Specialization Course in PSYCHOLOGY OF PERSONALITY seeks to train specialists in the field of psychology. To this end, it develops a broad syllabus that addresses the key aspects of PERSONALITY PSYCHOLOGY AND INDIVIDUAL DIFFERENCES.

The objective is to determine a series of conceptual and methodological knowledge, which allows to evaluate personality and its relevance in predicting and explaining human behavior. It examines, from a global and updated vision, the historical-conceptual development of the main THEORIES OF PERSONALITY, allowing students to approach the established explanation of individual behavior.

Describe and measure variables, as well as cognitive, emotional, psychobiological and behavioral processes.

To achieve an integrative vision of psychology based on personality constructs.

To know the fundamental elements and processes of personality and to understand how they work.

Apply direct intervention strategies and methods.

To know the main individual differences.

To know and comply with the deontological obligations of psychology.

Prepare oral and written reports.

To know the basic laws of the different psychological processes.

Describe and measure variables, as well as cognitive, emotional, psychobiological and behavioral processes.

To achieve an integrative vision of psychology based on personality constructs.

To know the fundamental elements and processes of personality and to understand how they work.

Aplicar estrategias y métodos de intervención directos.

To know the main individual differences.

To know and comply with the deontological obligations of psychology.

Prepare oral and written reports.

To know the basic laws of the different psychological processes.

Methodology applied to this course

The evaluation process and the methodology applied to this University Specialization Course in Emotional Coping in Bereavement present a 100% online format.

The student will have access to the Virtual Campus of the UEMC, where he/she will have access to:

  • Contents and study materials in audiovisual and written format.
  • Live videoconferences in the form of a “Master Class” for each of the modules. Students will be able to access them live or whenever they wish, since all of them will be recorded.
  • Forums for participation and consultation.
  • Evaluation activities.

Each module will open on the dates specified in the schedule. It is recommended that students complete the activities and participate in the forums at the scheduled times (three weeks per module). This is an orientative guideline (in no case obligatory), since the activities will remain available until the end of the course.

Online Multi-device
Videoconference Classes
Evaluation and Follow-up through Videoconferencing


The CUE in Personality Psychologyis aimed at all those people interested in learning the most basic fundamentalsof human behavior and deepening their understanding of the differences and similarities between people.

At the end of the Degree, you will be able to request a Certificate and/or Diploma accredited by the Universidad Europea Miguel de Cervantes as its own degree and 6 ECTS and another Certificate accredited by Promerits.

From an academic perspective, the completion of this CUE will give the student the possibility to apply for a credit recognition study in the program of studies of the Official Degree in Psychology, in which the basic subject “Psychology of Personality and Individual Differences”, taught in the 2nd semester of the 1st year, can be validated (*). 

Consult and download the catalog of the Official Degree in Psychology here. Official University Degree with RUCT code number: 2503308).

(*) Complying with the requirements established in Article 6 of Recognition and transfer of credits, of the R.D 1393/2007, of October 29, establishing the organization of official university education.

University Course Faculty/Teachers

At PROMERITS, we have an excellent teaching staff. All of them are professors, PhDs and/or senior managers in some of the main Spanish and multinational companies in the sector, with extensive professional and teaching experience.

The University Specialization Course in Personality Psychology is characterized by its multidisciplinary approach, taught by psychoanalysts who deal with this subject on a daily basis in their professional activity and who are more than familiar with our online methodology.

The following is a list of the professors of this University Course:


PhD in Psychology from the University Camilo José Cela, Degree in Psychology from the University of Salamanca, Accredited as a Clinical Psychologist. Expert in Health Education. Expert in Foundations.
Experience in Online Training since 2009 in different Degrees and Masters of Spanish Universities.


The Specialization Course in Personality Psychology and Individual Differences has a system of SCHOLARSHIPS and special offers that adjust to the needs of each student.

All those interested in the area of Health and Psychology will be able to combine our courses and programs and use the ECTS obtained for possible validation processes.

Our training advisors are at your service to answer all your questions about our training offer. 

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