About us

PROfesionalization, MERIT and Status

PROMERITS, is more than a company of Higher Education ONLINE (e-learning), Blended (b-learning) and Face-to-Face. We are a group of highly qualified professionals in the field of Academic and Professional Higher Education to offer society, High Level Training in the best conditions for the student.

In PROMERITS, we trust in the power of the connection to create closeness between the student and our highly qualified teachers. We make a difference and our way is to always go beyond. We are committed to our students, because we know that they are investing in a Future Project and we help them to achieve their objectives, accompanying them in their learning process through Tutors and Personal Advisors, so that they can achieve their goals properly, providing them with a multidisciplinary education, thus forming Great Professionals, Leaders and Entrepreneurs, who know how to contribute to the business society providing Value and Excellence.

Aware of the importance of training in the labor market, PROMERITS seeks to meet the training needs of students, adapting our educational programs to each professional profile.

Innovation from the hand of a new organization but with the experience of all those who form the PROMERITS team offers a training offer that integrates the values of PROfessionalization, MERIT and Status.

Since 2013 we have been working to improve training and to adapt it to its objectives through the PROMERITS Method (MPRO).

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