ONLINE, Semi-Presential and Classroom Training

ONLINE, Semi-Presential and Classroom Training

The Multidisciplinary Educational Method of reference, applied by PROMERITS to its training programs of Higher Education ONLINE (e-learning), Semi-presential (b-learning) and Presential, is the MPRO Method, which contributes to obtain a better learning of the Students, evolving from the different training currents linked to education, to the relationship between the Student and the Teacher, to the activities of each training program, etc., always highlighting the didactic and essentially intellectualist training.

E-Learning 360º

The MPRO is based on the adaptation of the training program to the students’ availability. Thanks to the multi-device platform, face-to-face classes, webinars and video tutorials, we find in the MPRO one of the most flexible and versatile state-of-the-art technological methodologies in the market of online higher education for future professionals.

Evaluation and Follow-up

In addition to the advantages of Online Higher Education, our professionals carry out a follow-up assessment and evaluation, supporting the student, and being able to contact teachers or tutors through multiple interactive platforms.


A self-study understood from the procedural and professional practice point of view, it would be an effective tool aimed at the development and performance of the course, as well as a technique that promotes methodological individualism assisted by experts (I.M.A.E.), which represents the third pillar of the MPRO method.

Ethics, Commitment and Transparency

In the context of the Information Society, PROMERITS integrates the values of Business Ethics, Transparency and Commitment when working with all our students, collaborating companies and society in general terms.

Most Required Promertis Degrees